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River Tweed, Late Afternoon, Nearly Dark, Freezing

River TweedAfter blue skies for days, at last a touch of winter, snow on the hills, ice in the air, mudtracks frozen.  I go walking past the fishing hut, where one is requested not to walk as it disturbs those fishing, but today no-one is there, not even the keeper with his black dogs, only some guinea fowl. Taking a few pictures my hands are freezing, so  I put them on the back of my neck for a few minutes to warm them up before putting my gloves back on. Is all this displacement activity because I should be in The Tardis working? There is one illustration that I am trying to plan out, but it is the big quandary, the design of this drawing: however, I shall go on thinking and experimenting until I have something I am satisfied with.  I want to do something new, really – new to me, anyway.  I find myself looking at trees and wondering how to draw them so that they have individuality, and are not just  standard “tree”.  Treetrunks aren’t really brown at all, for instance. I suppose that having a digital camera has made me look at things with more attention.  So the dance between the observed, the media  and the imagination begins. At least I have a studio full of lush paint and crayons just waiting to be used. Meanwhile I scrat out one more rough.  We’re getting there, I think… anyway, it was good to be out in the open air, freezing my mitts in this winter come at last.

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